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Accredited Ion Exchange & Organic Silicone Liquids Supplier Established Since 2004

Abiding by international trading treaties of Incoterms®, CJGlobal trade commodities with proprietorship of trademark
& ultimate right to interpret belong to KPResin and share legal liabilities accordingly.

Abiding by international trading treaties of Incoterms®, CJGlobal trade commodities with proprietorship of trademark
& ultimate right to interpret belong to KPResin and share legal liabilities accordingly.

Abiding by international trading treaties of Incoterms®, the proprietorship of trademark &ultimate right to interpret of domestic & foreign trade peer commodities imprinting ‘KP’ belong to Kaiping Resin and share legal liabilities accordingly.

Ion-Exchange Resin Products Developed for Industrial Applications of Water Treatment Engineering
Phenyl & Methyl Silicone Liquids of Different Viscosity
Fully-equipped Factory with clustering of Plants, Workshops, Labs & Warehouses
Customized Product-Equipment Matching Solutions on R&D Basis
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Top Sellers

Multiple Applications

In response to the call for a neo-material revolution serving our green-blue earth, each of our product models has been one-to-one developed to suit the general & special requirements of a rather wide range of applications in multiple leading industries, mainly covering yet not limited to: water softening, demineralization, electroplating wastewater treatment, high-purity water treatment, pharmaceutical medicine extraction, catalytic resin, rare& precious metal extraction, industrial mixed-bed system, etc.


About Us

Value-Added Services/VAS

Pre-sale Phase:  Customized procurement proposal by product VS solution analysis 

We provide free consultation for water treatment solutions in response to all types of commercial & industrial applications to facilitate optimal procurement schemes.

In-use Phase: Customized practical product operating manual per application requirements

Our R&D Pro experts propose specific resin models &using proportion guides for
each saturation cycle based on water flow &water properties of clients’ application
conditions; plus know-how instructions for regenerating resins if necessary. 

Post-sale Phase: After-effect troubleshooting in case of application scenarios malfunctions

Extra service highlights contain continuous after-sale problem-solving customer care service in support of any maladaptive or malfunctioning issues in use to guarantee the property quality, work performance &efficiency of our commodities as well as our advised usage solution schemes will exactly meet your performance metrics. 



Why Choose Us

Pro R&D Experts Assure Quality Warranty

Our senior PRO experts engaging in the IX resin industry for over 40years take
full charge of research and development workflow of our special resin and silicone oil products, as well as the configured scheme per application scenarios for specific product models.

Certified Organic-synthetic Polymer Material Manufacturing Factory

Our factory assembles professional production lines manufacturing wholesale and retail products as well as mass production per clients’ needs. 


Timeless &Locationless O2O Global Trading

We take e-commerce orders both domestically and internationally. As for
international trading, prompt overseas shipping operation service flow is initiated
as soon as the purchase order is placed.


Accredited Global Shipping Freight Forwarders

We entrusted worldwide exporting logistics transporter to local port of delivery &
further consign to trustworthy incoterms transaction-secured exporting freight forwarding agents to mediate the mutual equities of trading agreement from both parties.

Pre-sale & Post-sale Tech Support

You are entitled to request 24/7 worldwide OTO technical support for product usage instructions from our highly knowledgeable and experienced experts.


Client Testimonials

Lily Nguyen

“About 13 years of business co-partnerships have established strong trust & fidelity between us. Almost traded all types of KPResin series, of which the macroporous chelating type is a featured series to tackle with our local industrial wastewater or hazardous sewage pretreatment prior to discharge.”

Igor Silaev

“In addition to KPResin’s premium product quality, their live online & on-call tech support is a highlight to other peer suppliers. Thanks to their PRO experts’ bilingual guidance from pre-sale till post-sale regardless of our frequent consultation, they always troubleshoot down to the root with full patience &follow-up. No wonder our procurement team all ended up sticking to KPResin as our exclusive vendor!”

N. America
Mark Williams

“If you are looking for organic synthetic ion-exchange resin or silicone liquids goods made-in-china, KPResin is trustworthy to give a shot. The precise performance of all products that we’ve used can compete with equivalent product models of such top brands as ‘Lanxess, Rohm&Haas, Amberlite, Duolite, Dow, Purolite, etc’ and with fair quotes on top of all. They deserve their prestige at home &abroad! ”

How to Trade Step-by-Step


For any new comers or our regular vendees who are concerned about how the trade progressively starts from scratch till closure as well as what exactly the accountabilities &liabilities both parties ought to comply with, click link blow to unfold the workflow.