Our Joint-Venture Entrepreneurship:
CJ Global Trade Co., Ltd is an accredited e-commerce global exporting distributor franchised on behalf of KPResin, one of China’s leading organic synthetic material suppliers engaging in manufacturing &mass-production of ion-exchange resins, catalysts as well as organic silicone oil products that are applicable to water treatment industries where clean water and clean energy generation & conservation are in need.

Our corporate technical force is led by over 80% professional bio-chemical engineers who have in-depth experience in the research, development, production, and after-sales application service for more than ten years, particularly dedicated to the development of new products per clients’ needs. In addition to customizing innovative products, our tech-team is committed to troubleshooting any issues or problems that result from the application of our products and delivering solutions to optimize water treatment in different industrial and technological industries.

Driven by the faith of contributing to an eco-friendly universe, we ensure our products are innovated with the extractive values from material, polymer, chemical, physical and biological sciences and commercialized to serve a wide range of industries, specifically food &beverage, sugar refinery, bio-experiment, clinical & pharmaceuticals& bio-chemicals, organic& Inorganic chemicals, new energy, HVAC, power generation, petroleum, chemical engineering, electronics &semiconductor, metals& minerals, dyestuffs &pigments, fragrances& aroma, soaps& cosmetics, rubber& plastics, paint& coatings, wastewater discharge(electroplate/biochemical), Aeronautics& Space, agrochemicals& agrotechny, etc where machinery and equipment or the process of manufacture, processing and packaging thereof are enforced with ultrapure water preparation or wastewater treatment.

Founded in 2004, our exclusive resin products have been consistently innovated, developed, produced and patented to serve above-mentioned high-growth sectors. The top-sellers include but are not limited to: Softening resin, Macroporous resin, Chelating resin, Wastewater resin, Metal Refining resin, Water Purification resin, Mixed Bed resin, Nuclear Grade Disposable resin, Polymethylphenyl Siloxane Fluid, etc.