Weakly Basic Epoxy-based Anion Exchange Resin


KP-resin model #330 is a weakly basic anion exchange resin with a clear gel structure. This resin is based on the cross-linking polycondensation of epoxy chloropropane and polyethylene polyamine, which contains primary amines, secondary amines, tertiary amines and a few quaternary amines as functional groups. With its extra high exchange capacity, high efficiency in elution &regeneration and strong adsorption to organics by its fine-polymerized physical porosity, this resin is primarily used in demineralization and decolorization applications such as antibiotic refining, amino acid separation and lactic acid refining, etc.

Matrix: Propylene oxide-polyethylene polyamine
condensed polymer
Functional groups: -C2H4NH2 -C2H4NHR
-C2H4NH2 -C2H4N+R3
Physical form: Amber transparent granular particles
Moisture holding capacity(%): 60 to 70%
Ionic form as shipped: Free Amine(FA) form
Total mass exchange capacity: ≥9.0mmol/g
Total bulk exchange capacity: ≥2.0mmol/mL
Moisture true density: 1.05~1.15g/mL
Moisture bulk density: 0.65~0.80g/mL
Particle size: 0.45~1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.5
Whole ball rate after grinding test: ≥95℅
Max Swelling Rate of Resin after Ionic State Transition: FA ->Cl : 25%
Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
Minimum bed depth: 800mm
Service flow rate: 5~25 BV*/h
Maximum service velocity: 40 m/h
Regenerant: NaOH Na2CO3   NH3H2O
Level(Counted by100%) 80-170g/L 100-230g/L 60-150g/L
Concentration: 2~4℅ 4-8℅2~4℅
Flow rate: 2~8 BV*/h 2-8 BV*/h2~8 BV*/h
Minimum contact time: 30min
Slow rinse: 10 BV at regeneration flow rate
Fast rinse: 15~30 BV at service flow rate
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1 solution per resin