Macroporous Polyacrylic Strong-Base Anion-Exchange Resin for NOM/Tannin Removal


D730 is a macroporous strongly alkaline anion-exchange resin, with polyacrylic matrix crosslinked with divinylbenzene(DVB). By its specially-developed polymer structure and functional groups, D730 outperforms other models at exchanging large amounts of organic matters, with the general adsorption rate up to 80~95% and elution rate over 95%.

Taking advantage of its excellent removal of organic matter, efficient regeneration as well as good resistance to organic fouling, D730 can compete and replace the common-used activated carbon granule(ACG) to decolorize and refine some transparent colored liquids, and also to remove natural organic matter(NOM) from aqueous solutions, for its superiority of low treatment cost, easy-regeneration, and essentially for its eco-friendly feature.

The principle applications of D730 mainly include yet not limited to organic scavenger, organics removal or TOC/Tannin removal, and free acids and alkali radicals if any. Hereby it has been widely applied in
various industries, mainly serving the water-treatment engineering of surface water, groundwater, lake &river or infiltration-wells, or drinking water,and also the demineralization, decolorization &deodorization process in F&B, and more alike.

Matrix: Polyacrylic crosslinked with
Physical form: Macroporous milky-white opaque
spherical Beads
Functional group: Quaternary Ammonium
Moisture holding capacity(%): 65 to 75%
Ionic form as shipped: Cl
Total bulk exchange capacity: ≥0.80mmol/mL
Moisture true density: 1.03~1.10g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.65~0.72g/ml
Effective particle size: 0.40~0.70mm
Particle size: 0.45~1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥95℅
Max Swelling Rate of Resin after Ionic State Transition: Cl ->OH ≤25%
Maximum operating temperature: 80°C
Applicable PH range: 0~14
Minimum bed depth: 700mm
Operating velocity: 10~25 m/h
Service flow rate: 30~60BV at 2.0~4.0BV/h
Regenerant: NaCl
Usage Level: 2.5~3.5BV
Concentration: 10℅
Flow rate: 1.5~2.0 BV/h
Contact time: 40~60min
Displace Flow Rate: 1.5~2.0BV at 1.0~2.0BV/h
Backwash Flow Rate: 1.5~2.0BV at 2.0~4.0BV/h
Slow Rinse: 3~4 m/h with demineralized water
Fast Rinse: 10~25 m/h with demineralized water