Special High-selectivity Resin for Hydrofluorate(HF-) or Fluoride Removal in High-salinity Industrial Wastewater


KPA-D7601 is an advanced synthesized ion exchange resin with exceptional active groups on the skeleton of the macroporous matrix that form stable complexes with fluorate ions in aqueous solution.

Owing to its feature of exclusive affinity and adsorption force towards fluorion, while non-adsorption of other acids within same industrial sewage of high salinity, this resin is most applicable in fluorinated industrial zone for fluoride-containing wastewater treatment, goals of which are to removal and reduce fluorine concentration in water, and thus the standard for fluorine content discharge from wastewater is dropped down to below 1mg/L.

Alternatively, D7601 model can solely play the role of fluorine removal agent, being used as a filler for defluorination filters that directly meet common demands of household drinking water defluoridation. Conditionally, in accordance with different influent conditions and user specific requirements, this resin can also be mixed with other filter materials(such as activated carbon) or potable water grade resins for securing integrated solutions. Under normal usage, KPA-D7601 outperforms over equivalent models for its strong stable performance of removing fluorine up to more than 90%.

Matrix: Styrene-divinylbenzene Copolymer
Physical form: Light yellow to yellow opaque spherical beads
Active functional groups:
Activated aluminum salt
Active groups amount: ≥15%(tested by dried resin)
Ionic form as shipped: Cl
Adsorption capacity of fluorine: ≥2.0g/L-R
Moisture true density: 1.07~1.15g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.68~0.78g/ml
Particle size: (0.315~1.25mm)≥95%
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥95℅
Solubility: Insoluble in water, acid, alkali and common
Maximum operating
Minimum bed depth: 600mm
Stock solution
operating flow rate:
5~15 BV/h
Service flow velocity: 5 ~ 20 m/h
Applicable PH value: 3 ~ 10
Backwash scale: 50 ~ 80%
Backwash condition: Solution: clear water;
Flow rate: 2.0 ~ 4.0 BV/h;
Usage: 1.5~2.0BV
Rinse condition: Solution: clear water
(or demineralized water);
Flow rate: 2.0 ~ 3.0 BV/h;
Usage: 4.0~5.0 BV
Regenerants: AlCl3
Usage: 2.5~3.5 BV
Concentration: ~5℅
Flow rate: 1.5~2.0 BV/h
Contact time: 30 ~ 60 min
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 Solution per m3 Resin