Gel Polystyrene Strong-Acid Black Shallow-Shell Cation-Exchange Resin for Fe, Mn Removal &Softening in Filter-element &Water-purifier Systems


KPC-632 is a premium-grade high-efficient softening resin developed by advanced shallow shell technology. In addition to traditional synthetic process of gel-type strongly acidic styrene-based cation-exchange resin, KPC-632’s matrix is peculiarly sulphonated on its outer layer only. Thereby most of its functional groups are concentrated on the surface of resin spheres so that resin beads, specifically the exterior sulfonic-acid groups tend to be sufficiently contacted by influents and so accelerate its ion-exchange flow rate and velocity. Especially when the resin bed is tightly compacted in systems with shorter gaps between resin beads, the groups perform even faster, generating extra high operating capacity by then.   

Significantly, during operation various cations can be completely exchanged on the spherical surface of the resin without diffusing into the internal space of the beads, avoiding ion leakage in service. Likewise, throughout the regeneration process, the resin groups get thoroughly desorbed and eluted without higher rate of ion-state transformation as opposed to normal operation issues of certain amounts of ion omission in effluent from missing exchange from internal groups of resin. Such superior physical structure also secures the rinsing process after regeneration, for residues, water contaminants or liquid wastes are much easier to be washed off.

KPC-632 therefore performs best in demineralizing and softening, in particular high selectivity of heavy metals as Fe and Mn removal without poisoning resin, which has been mainly used in filter-element process and drinking water treatment.

Matrix: Styrene-divinylbenzene Copolymer
Physical form: Gel Brown to Black Transparent Spherical Beads
Functional group: -HSO3
Moisture holding capacity(%): 48 to 56%
Ionic form as shipped: Na+
Total bulk exchange capacity: ≥3.1mmol/g
Moisture true density: 1.18~1.28g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.75~0.85g/ml
Particle size: (0.315~1.25mm)≥95%
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥95℅
Operating temperature: 5~60°C
Applicable PH range: 3~9
Minimum bed depth: 600mm
Raw-water operating flow rate: 5~15 BV/h
Designed backwash space: ≥60%
Backwashing flow rate: 1.5~2.0BV at 2.0~4.0BV/h with clear water
Regeneration flow rate: 2.0~2.5BV at 1.5~2.0BV/h with 5~7% NaCl
Displacement flow rate: 1.0~1.5BV at 1.0~2.0BV/h with clear water
Elution-Rinse Flow Rate: 2.0~4.0BV at 5.0~10.0BV/h with clear water

*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 Solution per m3 Resin