Phenyl Methyl Silicone Fluid


250-30 Phenyl Methyl Silicone Fluid is a transparent oil whose color tone ranges from colorless to pale yellow with low viscosity, low freezing point, good heat-resistance performance, relatively high flash point, low swelling coefficient and excellent electrical performance(anti-corona &average strong temperature-resistance performance).

Appearance(color): Clear colorless to pale yellow
Viscosity (mm2/s at 25℃ ): 25~40
Refractive Index(n25): 1.47~1.485
Density(g/mL): 1.01~1.08
Freezing Point (℃): -40
Flash Point (℃): ≥240


This product type of phenyl methyl silicone oil is primarily used as the auxiliary raw material through the mass-manufacture of high-consuming products in various industries, such as the insulating impregnating agent for large power capacitors, the base oil for surgical medication for external use as well as the isolation & anti-adhesive additives for blood plasma bags & blood transfusion bags, plus as the oil additives for cosmetics, skin-care products and frostbite ointment, etc.