High Vacuum Diffusion Pump
Phenyl Methyl Silicone Liquid


274 Phenyl Methyl Silicone liquid is a transparent colorless oil, which functions with quite low saturated vapor pressure and performs with good thermal stability as well as excellent anti-oxidant property.

Content of Methyl Phenyl Silicone Oil(%): 100
Impurities: 0
Appearance(color): Colorless to Light Yellow Transparent Oil
Viscosity (mm2/s at 25℃ ): 37~45
Refractive Index(n25): 1.5520~1.5580
Density(g/mL): 1.05~1.07
Freezing Point (℃): -35
Flash Point (℃): ≥210
Ultimate Vacuum Degree(Pa): <3.99X10-7
Saturated Vapor Pressure(Pa): <6.65X10-8

This product type of phenyl methyl silicone oil is primarily used in high vacuum industries, which includes yet is not limited to the high vacuum smelting industry, electron tube industry, high vacuum coating, atomic energy accelerator, electron microscope, display, and the like. This product’s equivalent international model types include DC704 from US Dow Corning, F-4 from Japan Shin-Etsu. The operating temperature of this product model #274 ranges from 1750C~2100C.