Catalyst Resins Filled in Catalytic Distillation Module(CDM) Packed Tower


CDM catalytic distillation module is a new generation of modularized structured packing for catalytic distillation, which is developed by a pioneering neo-tech combing Tianjin University’s catalytic distillation packing patented technology of Winpak-c open window guided diversion type, with resin-type catalyst.

On basis of Winpak-c, the resin catalyst is packed within open window diversion filler piece. Specifically, the catalyst is wrapped with wire mesh and well welded so that it does not leak out. Thereon, it is then mixed with ordinary open window diversion filler sheets to co-form a CDM-series catalytic rectification module.

According to different petrochemical application conditions, CDM series products are developed and tailored to suit different chemical reactions. To name a few typical ones as below:

  1. CDM-140 is mainly used as catalytic distillation structured filler for MTBE synthesis;
  2. CDM-141 is mainly used as catalytic distillation structured filler for TBA dehydration to prepare high-purity isobutylene.
  3. CDM-150 is mainly used as catalytic distillation structured filler for light gasoline etherification and other carbon five etherification.
  4. CDM-300 is mainly used as catalytic distillation structured filler for gasoline hydro-desulfurization.

The CDM-series catalyst products along with configured CDM module are significantly characterized by performing sufficient contact between reactants and catalysts, as well as separation of high efficiency if applicable.

Appearance: Strip Metal Corrugated Plate Module
Module Height: 200±10mm
Module Outline Dimension: Calculated by Packed Tower Diameter
Catalyst Filling Rate(V%) (Counted by Tower Diameter): 1/3, 1/2, 3/5
Wrapping Porosity(%): 1/3(75±5%), 1/2(65±5%), 3/5(60±5%)
Maximum Bulk Density of Module Usage: 750kg/m3
Material of Wire Mesh: Stainless Steel(Material Determined by Medium Conditions)
Corrugated Plate Packing Material: Winpak-C type filler(Material Determined by Medium Conditions)

Packed in the wooden case lined with plastic bags;
Proper temperature for storage and transportation: 5 ~ 40ºC;
Direct exposure under sun or rain, extrusion, and the like are strictly prohibited;
This product is non-hazardous chemical-engineering material.