Macroporous Strong Acid Special Adsorption Resin in Adipic Acid Production, Methanol Purification


DT-010 strong acid adsorption resin is an adsorbent functional polymer material made from sulfonated crosslinked polystyrene-divinylbenzene beads with special macropore structure. It is mainly used to recover copper and vanadium catalysts in the production of adipic acid. And it can also be applied in the purification treatment of trace impurities in raw materials as methanol, as well as for the adsorption &recovery applications in the pharmaceuticals, electronics and hydrometallurgy industries.  

Analyzed by specific application scenario, adipic acid is an important organic chemical raw material, primarily used in the manufacture of cosmetics, nylon, plasticizers and lubricants. In the production process of adipic acid, copper and vanadium are used as catalysts together with nitric acid to deoxidize cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone to prepare adipic acid. As soon as the reaction is completed, copper and vanadium need to be separated from the mother liquor containing the outcome product in the presence of nitric acid, for purpose of recycling and reuse while the purity of adipic acid is thus upgraded. General operation is:

  1. Pass mother liquor through resin bed
  2. First use resin to adsorb metal ions of copper and vanadium from the acidic solution
  3. Then use a higher concentration of acid to elute the copper and vanadium on the resin
  4. Meanwhile resin gets regenerated and can be recycled in the next cycle

Why DT-010?
Different from ordinary adsorption resins with equivalent performance, DT-010 adopts a fairly high degree of crosslinking and strength synthesis process, combined with unique technology &methods, making it with significantly high intensity, strong adsorption capacity for metal copper and vanadium, and other advantages as excellent resistance to nitric acid oxidation. As far as this neo-type resin has been long applied in the adipic acid generation units among multiple petrochemical corporations, user feedback firmly approved that DT-010’s actual working performance exceeds that of international analog products. What’s more, it greatly saves the cost of catalyst copper and vanadium consumption in the engineering projects, with a gross economic value of more than 10 million yuan per year.

Tested and inspected by authority department of SINOPEC, all technical indexes of DT-010 macroporous strong acid special adsorption resin can meet the Q/DMT029-2005 standard: to name a few, the volume exchange capacity has reached up to 2.49mmol/ml, and the whole beads ratio after osmosis attrition can reach to 98% that transcends or replace equivalent resin models: France Duolite C-26c, USA Amberlite IR-200, Japan Diaion PK-228 and Germany Lewatit SP-112.

Appearance:Gray Brown Opaque Spherical Beads
Ionic form as shipped: H+
Total mass exchange capacity:>4.65mmol/g
Total volume exchange capacity:>2.10mmol/ml
Water content:40~50%
Moisture true density:1.20~1.35g/ml
Moisture bulk density:0.75~0.85g/ml
Particle size:(0.45~1.25mm)≥95%
Intensity after grinding test:≥98%

Packed in the PE valve bag lined with plastic bags; each bag net weight: 25KG or 25L;
Proper temperature for storage and transportation: 5 ~ 40ºC;
Direct exposure under sun or rain, extrusion, and the like are strictly prohibited;
This product is non-hazardous chemical-engineering material.