Special Resin Catalyst for Refined Phenol in Cumene Process


T-311 is a special resin catalyst for catalyzing the cumene process for producing refined phenol. The main reaction of such cumene method that commonly used in chemical industry converts the raw materials of benzene and propylene into more valuable phenol and acetone. However, the impurities resulting from the side reactions in which phenol is oxidized and decomposed will directly affect the purity quality of the phenol product.

So it is necessary to complete further reactions within the catalytic rectification column afterwards: Technically, add T-311 hydrogen-catalytic cationic resin into the preceding side reactions to induce the remaining impurities to react with the crude phenol to produce heavy substances that are easy to be removed by differential boiling point in distillation tower after, in order to actualize the purpose of clearing impurities and purifying refined phenol.

In common conditions, the raw material contents often contain metal cations(M+) and alkaline substances (such as NH3). The functional groups(R-SO3H+) of T-311 resin catalysts hereby engage in side reactions for ion exchange as illustrated:

As a result, T-311 displaces those ions and form a stable compound of impurities meanwhile releasing its carried hydrogens to catalyze the ongoing cumene process. After certain cycles, the phenol gets highly refined and upgraded to premium class.


Appearance:Coffee Brown Opaque Spherical Beads
Ionic form as shipped: H+
Total mass exchange capacity:≥5.0mmol/g
Total volume exchange capacity:≥1.8mmol/ml
Water content:50~58%
Moisture true density:1.18~1.28g/ml
Moisture bulk density:0.75~0.85g/ml
Particle size:(0.40~1.25mm)≥95%
Intensity after grinding test:≥95%

Packed in the PE valve bag lined with plastic bags; each bag net weight: 25KG or 25L;
Proper temperature for storage and transportation: 5 ~ 40ºC;
Direct exposure under sun or rain, extrusion, and the like are strictly prohibited;
This product is non-hazardous chemical-engineering material.