Dual Bed Macroporous Weakly Acidic

Acrylic Series Cation Exchange Resin


D113DB is a macro-porous weakly acidic acrylic-based cation exchange resin with a carboxylic acid functional group of large exchange capacity. Characterized by its excellent physical and chemical stability, it is primarily applied in softening alkaline water. Joint-use with D001DB within one exchange column to form a cationic composite dual-bed resin combination can reduce the acid consumption of the demineralization system and secure all kinds of cations are completely removed from raw water and so as to meet the industrial standards of pure water preparations thro water treatment within various industries.

Matrix: Acrylic-based copolymer
Functional groups: -COO
Physical form: Light yellow opaque spherical beads
Moisture holding capacity(%): 45 to 52%
Ionic form as shipped: H+ form
Total mass exchange capacity: ≥11mmol/g
Total bulk exchange capacity: ≥4.5mmol/mL
Moisture true density: 1.15~1.20g/mL
Moisture bulk density: 0.76~0.80g/mL
Effective particle size: 0.35~0.60mm
Particle size: 0.315~1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥90℅
Max swelling rate of resin after ionic state
H+ -> Na+ : 60%
Maximum operating temperature: 120°C
Minimum bed depth: 700mm
Service flow rate: 5~40 BV/h
Maximum service velocity: 60 m/h
Regenerant: HCl H2SO4
Level(Counted by 100%): 140~300g/L 190~400g/L
Concentration: 2~5℅0.5~1℅
Flow rate: 2~8 BV/h15~40 BV/h
Minimum contact time: 30min
Slow rinse: 2 BV at regeneration flow rate
Fast rinse: 4~8 BV at service flow rate
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 solution per m3 resin