Inert Spherical Pellets as Covering Layer in Floating-Bed Countercurrent Regeneration System


EPS-FB inert resin is commonly known as ‘floating bed white balls’, polymerized by polystyrene(EPS) and foamed into large white opaque spherical pellets. As opposed to regular up-to-down flows of fixed bed, floating-bed systems operate, regenerate and backwash in the direction of bottom-to-top. By then the large-granular resin beads stacked in the lower layer of the exchanger stay put around, while the small particle-sized resins compacted on the upper layer are easy to float up with the up-flowing water or regenerant towards the top water-distribution device, ending up either water cap or strainer getting blocked.

For avoiding such consequences as rapid drop of operating pressure and reduced water yield caused by, EPS-FB inert polymers are designed to be filled right under the top device and above the resin layers with rather large granularity yet light density to exactly attach to the cap or strainer for complete protection. Owing to its efficient performance, EPS-FB has been widely applied in power plants where equipment is often configured with floating-bed or dual-chamber bed.

Also, taking advantage of its highly uniform particle size and excellent physical and chemical stability, EPS-FB white balls long ranked as the top-choice for floating-bed systems to prevent fine particle resin beads from clogging water cap or being carried away by water flow, and can also evenly distribute the discharged liquids and regenerant incase of cross-contamination from messed layers.

International Equivalents: AMBERLITE RF14    DOWEX XZ46287

Matrix: EPS(Expanded Polystyrene)
Physical form: Milky-white Opaque Spherical Pellets,
with uniform and smooth surface
Functional groups: None
Moisture holding capacity(%): ≤6%
Ionic form as shipped: Inert
Total bulk exchange capacity: /
Moisture true density: 0.25~0.80g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.32~0.35g/ml
Particle size: 1.50~2.50mm(≥98%)
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Wearability: ≥98℅
Acid-base Soluble Matter: /
Maximum operating temperature: ≤230°C
Applicable PH range: 0~14
Minimum bed depth: 150~200mm
Operating velocity: <120m/h
Backwash stratified velocity: 5~15m/h
Slow rinse: 2~3 BV
Fast rinse: 10 BV
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 solution per m3 resin

This product is mainly used to floating bed, reverse flow regeneration fixed-bed and double-chamber floating bed, as a covering layer.

The product is widely used in chemical industry, power industry, metallurgical industry, medicine industry, etc. The product can treat technical problem in water treatment and save 20% ion exchange resin and acid-base.


Inert polymer in the form of spherical pellets for upflow counter-current collection systems to prevent strainer or water cap blockage