Inert Laminating Polymers as Spacer-Layer to Prevent Layers from In-Disorder
in Fixed-Bed Countercurrent Collection Systems


LP-FX is one type of filling materials in the form of spherical inert polymer, aka ‘laminating resin’, which is polymerized by polystyrene with a relative density lighter than resin yet slightly heavier than water. As the non-exchange layer compacting above the resin layers inside the exchanger, LP-FX is generally of the same matrix as that of resin layer. To prevent layers from in disorder during resin regeneration, the resin surface is often covered with a 150-200mm thick pressed laminating layer.

LP-FX is most commonly used in fixed-bed countercurrent collection system. Take single cation-exchanger(aka cation-bed) as example: as soon as inlet water flows downstream from the top, the water-intake device thereby evenly distributes the water onto the passing section of the exchanger, meanwhile the laminating layer filled with LP-FX filters out the suspended solids &mechanical impurities in the water, so that the influent water can evenly contact on all areas of resins for full ion exchange capacity. Once resins get saturated, the regenerant upflows from the bottom into resin layers, and followed by waste liquids after regeneration being discharged from the middle liquid-discharge device. Coordinated with the overlying LP-FX layer, resin layers, again are secured to be avoided from in disorder throughout reverse-flow regeneration, backwashing or collection process.

Overall, featured as of pressure-resistance, high comprehensive intensity, non-deformation and good stability, LP-FX laminating layer mainly acts as for filtration, water even-distribution and lamination within fixed-bed, reverse-flow floating-bed as well as dual-chamber layer floating-bed, and the like. LP-FX’s usage helps stabilizing the operating flow rate and performance during water treatment engineering within various industries including F&B, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Matrix: Styrene-divinylbenzene Copolymer
Physical form: White Opaque Spherical beads
Functional groups: None
Moisture holding capacity(%): ≤6%
Ionic form as shipped: Inert
Total bulk exchange capacity: /
Moisture true density: 1.04~1.05g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.70~0.88g/ml
Particle size: 0.40~0.90mm(≥90%)
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.3
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥98℅
Max Swelling Rate of Resin after Ionic State
Maximum operating temperature: 100°C
Applicable PH range: 0~14
Minimum bed depth: 150~200mm
Operating velocity: <60m/h
Backwash stratified velocity: 5~15m/h
Slow rinse: 2~3 BV
Fast rinse: 10 BV
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 solution per m3 resin