Inert Cylindrical Pellets as Strainer Guard for

Down-Flow Regeneration in Up-Flow Service Packed Bed or Floating-Bed Systems


QL-2 inert pellet is commonly known as ‘floating-bed regeneration white granules’, polymerized by polypropylene (PP) and with thermoplastic injection-molding into large white opaque cylinder-shaped pellets. Packed right underneath the reinforced plate with nozzles or strainer with water cap, QL-2 is specialized in protecting upper nozzle plates from blockage as well as improving the even distribution of regenerants during down-flow resin regeneration in common up-flow floating-bed systems.

As is shown, a typical configuration for such upflow countercurrent regeneration packed-bed system is most applicable when the specific gravity of the regenerant weighs lighter than resin and also both denser than water, while true density of inert pellets is slightly lighter than water yet heavier than that of regenerant, roughly ranging from 0.88 to 0.92g/ml. Thereby, layered by light to dense, the ion-exchanger column is configured with upper inert bed, regenerant and bottom resin bed, to optimize upmost operational capacity of strong-property resins incase of resin beads swelling, lower consumption of eluent or regenerant &bachwashing water if applied.

As opposed to downstream regeneration, QL-2 inert bed also plays an essential role in up-flow floating bed operation process, taking advantage of its special cylinder structure in large size. It not only buffers all impurities of effluents or small-sized floating resin beads during ion-exchange operation from blocking the top nozzles or the water-cap by strainer or even washing out by the flow, but also it helps mediate the outlet flow in right stratification and distribute regenerant equably.

Matrix: Polypropylene(PP)
Physical form: Milky-White Opaque Cylindrical Pellets
Functional groups: /
Moisture holding capacity(%): ≤6%
Ionic form as shipped: Inert
Total bulk exchange capacity: /
Moisture true density: 0.88~0.92g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.50~0.57g/ml
Particle size: Length: 1.40±0.1mm
Diameter: 1.3±0.1mm
Heat resistance: ≤100ºC
Wearability: ≥99.5℅
Acid-base Soluble Matter: ≤0.3%
Applicable PH Range: 0~14