Gel Neutral Inert Resin as Intermediate Spacer Layer
for Three-layer Bed Water Purification System


S-TR is an inert gel-type neutral copolymer synthesized by 2-propenoic acid, 2-methyl-,
methyl ester with diethenyl-benzene, with none active functional groups connected, often being used as the ‘spacer resin’ in three-component mixed-bed system units. Stacking by specific density of resin beds from light to heavy, S-TR often overlies on the medium-layer of the three-layer bed water treatment system, which separates the underlying 
heavy cation-bed from the light anion-bed on the top, altogether fully configured to process water deionization &decolorization for pure water, ultrapure water preparations and condensed water purification per demand.

Taking advantage of its specifically-designed density and particle size as well as excellent hydraulic properties, S-TR can well prevent cation-bed and anion-bed from being cross-contaminated by the resin regeneration &backwashing processes and so improve the effluent quality and volume of periodic treated water from the three-layer water processing systems, especially efficient for mixed-bed ones at high flow rate.

* Tinted S-TR is available (ie. Blue, Brown).

International Equivalent Model: Bayer IN38   Amberlite 359   Duolite-3TR 

Matrix: Copolymer of 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-,
methyl ester with diethenyl-benzene
Functional groups: /
Physical form: White or Light Yellow transparent spherical
granular solid beads
Ionic form as shipped: Inert
Moisture holding capacity(%): <6%
Total bulk exchange capacity: /
Moisture true density: 1.14~1.16g/ml
Moisture bulk density: 0.67~0.72g/ml
Particle size: 0.70-0.90mm(≥90%)
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.3


Maximum operating temperature: 100°C
Applicable PH range: 0~14
Minimum bed depth: 150mm
Operating velocity: 20~120m/h
Backwashing stratified velocity: 8~15m/h
Regenerant: /
Qty Level%(kg/m3): /
Concentration: /
Slow Rinse: 5 BV
Fast Rinse: 5~10 BV
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1m3 solution per m3 resin