Specialty Ion Exchange Resin for Boron Removal/Separation


KP7523 is a macroporous styrene series weak-base ion exchange resin synthesized with special technology, targeting removal of borate radicals. Coordinated with its peculiar chelating amine functional group that is featured to form a very stable complex with boric acid anions within neutral or alkaline solutions, this special resin is commonly applicable to separation and removal of boron within boron-containing aqueous solutions such as drinking water and irrigation water.

For its integrated particles and highly firm structure, KP7523 performs efficiently in its anti-osmotic, regeneration and flushing effect. Thereby it avails widely in the treatment of boron-contaminated ground water for safe irrigation, or green-discharge control against boron poisoning when it comes to the violated discharge of untreated or improperly treated boron-containing wastewater or industrial sewage.

Matrix: Styrene-divinylbenzene Polymer
Physical form: Milky white to beige opaque spherical beads
Moisture holding capacity(%): 43 to 53%
Ionic form as shipped: OH
Total bulk exchange capacity: ≥0.9mmol/mL
Moisture true density: 1.03~1.10g/mL
Moisture bulk density: 0.73~0.81g/mL
Effective particle size: 0.40~0.70mm
Particle size: 0.315~1.25mm
Uniformity coefficient: ≤1.6
Integrated beads ratio after grinding test: ≥95℅
Boron Saturated Adsorption
Capacity (Calculated as Boric Acid):
≥15 g/L
Maximum operating temperature: 60°C
Minimum bed depth: 600mm
Operating capacity velocity: 5~15 BV/h
Operating linear velocity: 8~40 m/h
Applicable Solution PH Range: 7~14
Regenerant: HCl
Level(Counted by 100%): 50-110g/L
Concentration: 5~8℅
Flow rate: 1.5~2 BV*/h
Usage: 2.0~2.5 BV
Minimum contact time: 40min
Slow rinse(Displacement Flushing): 1~2BV/h; 1~1.5 BV
Fast rinse(Elution): 5~10BV/h; 3~6 BV
*1 BV(Bed Volume)= 1 solution per resin